Quality Policy

Hannanprint is committed to retaining existing business and attracting new business by being Identified in the high volume commercial printing market as a supplier, who provides quality of product, delivery and service at levels, which consistently exceed the expectations of its clients.

 This will be achieved by:

  1. establishing Quality System procedures that ensure that the final product, delivery and service match or exceed the requirements of our clients;
  2. implementing an AS/ NZS ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System in the production of magazines, catalogues, newspapers and other printed materials;
  3. Utilising fail-safe controls;
  4. being service leaders in our industry;
  5. providing a superior print quality;
  6. a commitment to always achieve agreed delivery deadlines;
  7. a continual focus on client needs above all else;
  8. a commitment to continuous improvement; and
  9. a commitment to investigate and introduce new technology as it becomes applicable to client needs.

To ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained, all Hannanprint employees will be appropriately trained so that they:

  1. understand this policy;
  2. understand the requirements of the Quality System;
  3. contribute to the ongoing improvement of the Quality System and its policies and procedures; and
  4. continue to treat the Quality System as a top level priority with the responsibility for its maintenance being equally shared by all Hannanprint employees.


 The GM-Operations is to sign the policy.


The policy will be reviewed annually by the GM-Operations in consultation with the Management Safety Health Environmental Communications Committee.

Procedure Storage:

This procedure will be stored in the Quality System Manual, and posted in the Reception Corridor; Security Foyer and the Canteen.


docx format Quality Policy (217.80 KB)