Michael Jackson Special Edition Jul, 2009 issue

Do You Remember the Time?

Friday June 26 2009

5:00am AEST – An emergency call to UCLA Medical Centre "50 year old male. Not breathing at all"

6:15am – Paramedics transport patient to Ronald Reagan Medical Centre. After an hour of unsuccessful attempts to resuscitate him, the patient is pronounced dead.

Immediately, news services around the world run the story; Michael Jackson "The King of Pop", has died

Saturday June 27 2009

The publishers of Time magazine plan to produce a special edition 68pp magazine to be distributed in Australia and NZ on Monday 29th.

1:45pm – The Hannanprint Account Manager for Time Australia, is asked, "Can Hannanprint print and bind a special commemorative issue the following day and get it on the stands by Monday".

3:45pm – Hannanprint Production Manager arranges for press time to be made available. Paper Purchasing Manager agrees to come in on Sunday to select a suitable stock for this issue. Despatch Manager confirms that it is possible to airfreight NZ copies on Monday.

The project has the green light.

5:52pm – Time send through a print order with an additional request for posters.

6:08pm – IPMG sheetfed printer, Craft Inprint confirms that posters can be printed and delivered by midday Monday.

Sunday June 28 2009

7:30am – Account Manager arrives at Hannanprint to create job datasheet.

9:51am - Production Scheduling raises a job number and schedules the presses.

10:50am - Prepress creates an imposition and sets up a Centr@serve folder to receive the files from Hong Kong

1:43pm – Time approve the page files on-line.

11:39pm – Printing commences

Monday June 29 2009

02:00am – Binding commences

05:30am – Less than 40 hours from the customers first contact with Hannanprint, 40,300 copies of the Time Michael Jackson commemorative issue are complete and ready for distribution to newsagents.

Tuesday June 30 2009

5:41pm – Email sent from Time Asia's Nelson Luk to Hannanprint MD.

"We would like to thank you for the great flexibility that Hannanprint displayed in the production of the 'Michael Jackson Special Edition Jul, 2009 issue'. Your service is proven to be second to none, being able to accommodate our request at such short notice and your teams (under the supervision of Mr. Ray Blackwood) worked professionally even when they were brought unexpectedly in to work on Saturday and Sunday on our magazine. Again, a big thank you to all of you"

1000H_Michael Jackson POSTER


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