Delivery & Packing Instructions

Hannanprint's Hours of Operation

Hannanprint NSW will accept inserts between 7.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Deliveries outside these hours by prior arrangements only.

All deliveries must go through the Hannanprint receiving dock. No deliveries will be accepted through reception. Refer to delivery map below.


Pallet, Packing & Identification 

It is the insert supplier's responsibility to deliver inserts to Hannanprint NSW in good order. The following will assist with this aim.

Outside edges should be vertically even and the inserts should be stacked so they do not protrude beyond the limits of the pallet. Inserts must arrive at Hannanprint NSW undamaged in any way.

The supplier must ensure that all inserts are free from "set-off" and that the ink is dry. The insert must not be packaged in any way that generates static electricity.

Inserts must be kept as flat as possible at all times to ensure that wrinkles and any other distortions are eliminated.

Inserts are to be turned in bundles of equal quantities and that the turned height is to be no greater than 120mm and no less than 75mm. Inserts should be uniformly oriented (i.e. face up or face down).

Individual bundles or cartons are not to exceed the weight of 11 kilograms.

Bundles are to be strapped; the tension of the strapping must not in any way damage the bundle.

A solid piece of wood the same dimensions as the base pallet should be placed on top of the stacked bundles to prevent damage.

The pallet should be finally plastic or shrink-wrapped.

It is preferable that pallets should be Australian standard size, 1165mm x 1165mm, and in good condition. The maximum weight of pallet must not exceed 1000kg.


 Tip-On Packaging Specifications For Sachets



Supplied Pallet Specifications



Information Required on Pallets

All pallets must be identified with the following information:


  • Company Name and Address
  • Name of a contact at Hannanprint (preferably the Account Manager)
  • Publication to be inserted into
  • Date of Insertion
  • Identification Codes
  • Copies per Bundle
  • Bundles per Pallet
  • Total Pallet Quantity
  • Pallet Number

pdf format Pallet Card (50.47 KB)



All inserts are required to be delivered to Hannanprint NSW no later than 72 hours prior to insertion. In special circumstances an insert may be delivered later than the specified 72 hours. Prior approval must be received from the Hannanprint NSW Account Manager. Hannanprint NSW should receive delivery of inserts no earlier than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled insertion due to storage limitations.

All deliveries to be accompanied by a delivery docket which must indicate the following details:

  • The name of the insert and key number or code
  • The total amount of copies on each pallet
  • The number of pallets on each vehicle
  • Total number of pallets for delivery

When more than one delivery is used, the last docket is to be marked "final".

Deliveries are directed to our Hannanprint Receiving Dock located at Door 5, 23 Scrivener Street, Warwick Farm NSW 2170.

Hannanprint Conditions

All inserts are subject to the approval of Hannanprint who reserves the right to refuse any material considered unsuitable for publication.
Whilst every effort will be made to process inserts as ordered, no liability can be accepted for misplacement or omission.
Hannanprint NSW will not guarantee the level or response associated with an insert.
Advertising agents and advertisers accept responsibility for the contents of their inserts and agree to indemnify Hannanprint NSW against any claims or proceedings arising from publication of such inserts