Generic Inserts Specifications

Generic Inserts Specifications

These specifications have been prepared so that all parties may achieve optimum results.

Whilst every effort will be made to satisfy customer's expectations, inserts which are outside Hannanprint Specifications or do not comply with original booking advice, packaging, identification & delivery requirements, or require a second production process will be subject to re-evaluation of acceptance or incur additional charges.


Hannanprint recommends that an imprint line appears on the insert with a reference code or the publication / date that the insert is appearing in.

Any insert material of an unusual nature (i.e. card, envelope, perforated insert), dimension or fold will require a dummy sample to be viewed by Hannanprint prior to acceptance.

Upon acceptance, Hannanprint requires testing of unusual and out of specification inserts. A minimum of 1,000 samples is required to perform this process.

Concertina folded inserts CANNOT be mechanically inserted.

Unusual Inserts which are bulky (i.e.; generally more than half the thickness of the product being inserted) or vary in thickness in relation to the product in which they are being inserted, may have adverse affects on any or all of the following:

  • Packaging
  • Book Presentation
  • Quality of the finished product

Unusual inserts may require additional overs, which will be advised at time of acceptance.

Hannanprint recommends that these issues be taken into consideration for these types of inserts, to avoid unacceptable finished products.

Hannanprint Conditions

All inserts are subject to the approval of Hannanprint who reserves the right to refuse any material considered unsuitable for publication.
Whilst every effort will be made to process inserts as ordered, no liability can be accepted for misplacement or omission.
Hannanprint NSW will not guarantee the level or response associated with an insert.
Advertising agents and advertisers accept responsibility for the contents of their inserts and agree to indemnify Hannanprint NSW against any claims or proceedings arising from publication of such inserts.