Poster Inserts Reverse Bound

All reverse bound poster inserts must conform to the following specifications and must be strictly adhered to.


  • The bind-in lap must be a minimum of 13mm
  • Poster to have a minimum of 4mm of bleed for all edges to be trimmed. If the poster has a folded edge that is not be trimmed then a minimum of 10mm must be left from the trimmed edge of the product.
  • Where a multi-page reverse bound insert has a single sheet bind-in lap, that lap must be minimum of 150gsm.
  • The table below applies to multi-page reverse bound inserts where more than one sheet forms the bind-in lap.
Minimum: 80gsm
Maximum: 150gsm
Minimum: 65gsm
Maximum: 150gsm
Minimum: 60gsm
Maximum: 130gsm
Minimum: 54gsm
Maximum: 115gsm
Minimum: 54gsm
Maximum: 115gsm
Minimum: 54gsm
Maximum: 115gsm
Hannanprint Conditions

All inserts are subject to the approval of Hannanprint who reserves the right to refuse any material considered unsuitable for publication.
Whilst every effort will be made to process inserts as ordered, no liability can be accepted for misplacement or omission.
Hannanprint NSW will not guarantee the level or response associated with an insert.
Advertising agents and advertisers accept responsibility for the contents of their inserts and agree to indemnify Hannanprint NSW against any claims or proceedings arising from publication of such inserts