Tip-Ons Glued - About Tip-Ons


A sample of each tip-on must be received at least 30 days prior to the commencement of binding. If a sample is not received within this specified timeframe then Hannanprint NSW reserves the right of refusal.

Hannanprint NSW reserves the right to specify packaging requirements for tip-ons upon receipt of the sample.

Hannanprint NSW reserves the right to request a minimum of 1,000 samples of any tip-on for testing purposes prior to the commencement of binding.

Production Points to Consider

The tip-on unit requires a closed edge / spine on multi page products.

Additional make ready time is required.

Thick products such as booklets and sachets may affect the trim quality of the book.

Tips-ons such as sachets containing loose product (coffee, tea bags, lotions, etc.) must be packaged in accordance to the guidelines under Delivery / Packaging / Presentation. Failure to present product in this way may incur production slow downs and extra charges.

Unusual tip-ons which are bulky (i.e.; generally more than half the thickness of the product being inserted) or vary in thickness in relation to the product in which they are being inserted, may have adverse affects on any or all of the following:

  • Packaging / Transport
  • Book Presentation
  • Quality of the finished product

Hannanprint NSW recommends that these issues be taken into consideration to avoid unacceptable finished products.

Products must not stick together either due to printer's ink, electrostatic charge, punching or perforation. They must not have any bent edges or corners, creases or misaligned spines. These all have serious adverse affects on the feeding capabilities of the tip-on units.

Sachets must have at least one straight edge. This will determine position orientation.

Sachets containing trapped air will adversely affect quality.


Tip-ons units are not 100% accurate for precise, consistent positioning throughout the run.

Hannanprint NSW advises that the ideal position for a tip-on is in the centre of the page. Where more than one tip-on has been booked for the same publication, the tip-ons must not be positioned directly above one another.

If the product is knocked to the foot then the tip-on is applied to the left hand page.

If the product is knocked to the head then the tip-on is applied to the right hand page.

A tip-on must be positioned a minimum of 20mm from any edge of the carrier product.

Pre-punched stickers must be a minimum of 30mm from the edge that runs parallel to the spine of the carrier product. Excess adhesive is not permitted to emerge.

A tip-on may go into a saddle-stitched or perfect bound publication and may be treated as a secondary process. Different conditions apply.

Hannanprint Conditions

All inserts are subject to the approval of Hannanprint who reserves the right to refuse any material considered unsuitable for publication.
Whilst every effort will be made to process inserts as ordered, no liability can be accepted for misplacement or omission.
Hannanprint NSW will not guarantee the level or response associated with an insert.
Advertising agents and advertisers accept responsibility for the contents of their inserts and agree to indemnify Hannanprint NSW against any claims or proceedings arising from publication of such inserts