Tip-Ons Glued - Perfect Bound

It is not possible to tip onto the first or last page of a perfect bound product without incurring secondary process costs.

If the product is knocked to the foot then the tip-on is applied to the left hand page.

If the product is knocked to the head then the tip-on is applied to the right hand page.

A tip on must be positioned a minimum of 20mm from any edge of the carrier product.

A perforation on a single sheet, which runs parallel to the edge facing the spine of the carrier product, must be a minimum 30mm from the edge of the tip-on. This area is the suction area in the mechanical feeding process.

Pre-punched stickers must be a minimum of 30mm from the edge, which runs parallel to the spine of the carrier product. Excessive adhesive is not permitted to emerge.

All tip-ons must conform to the maximum and minimum sizes as shown below which must be strictly adhered to:

Maximum Size the tip-on must be is 300mm x 200mm.

Minimum Size the tip-on must be is 60mm x 40mm.

A single sheet must be a minimum stock weight of 115gsm.

The following are the maximum permissible tip-on weights allowed in relation to the stock weight of the carrier product being tipped onto:

Carrier Surface
Permissible Weight
Maximum 10 grams
Maximum 18 grams
Maximum 25 grams

Tip-ons incur a slow down factor due to the mechanical process. Additional time will need to be added to the production schedule.

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