Tip Ons Glued - Wet Sachets

These instructions are intended to assist suppliers of wet sachets for magazine application to magazines and must meet the manufacturing criteria supplied in this document prior to delivery to Hannanprint New South Wales.

It cannot be assumed that because an item has successfully run in one magazine it can also run in another, as there are several diiferent makes of binding machinery, and each printer may operate them differently or have different handling systems.

Manufacture of sachets must be to a consistently high standard.
Caution must be taken with overseas manufacture of sachets.

Deadline: Sachets must be delivered during working hours as per the HPN delivery and Packing instructions as inserts can only be stored for one week prior to insertion.

Any supplied sachets that do not conform to the requirements set out may be rejected for insertion, or such action taken at the cost of the supplier as will best achieve the intended result, without the necessity of consultation with the supplier.

Except as may be implied by law, Hannanprint is not responsible for any loss or damage (including consequential loss), which may occur to any supplier (or client of a supplier), where these instructions have not been strictly complied with.

Sachet Specifications

  • For each 1 ml of fill, the sachet’s internal area must be at least 8 square cm.
  • The sachet is to be free from excessive air. Specifically, as much air as possible is to be removed before sealing.
  • As a compression test, the sachets must withstand at least 1500kg (3300lb) pressure for 30 seconds.
  • As an extended pressure test, bonding must resist 5 hours under 1000 kg.
  • The laminate composition must be minimum:

12 micron PET
12 micron Aluminum Foil
75 micron L.L.D.P.E.(Modified linear low or equivalent)

  • The over all dimensions must remain the same through out the entire production run.

Perfect bound 

Minimum size is 60mm x 40mm
Maximum size is 190mm x 150mm
Maximum total weight of a sachet including fill is 26g

Saddle stitched

Minimum overall size required for binding:  80mm x 65mm
Maximum overall size required for binding:  190mm x 150mm
Maximum total weight of a sachet including fill is 26g

  • The liquid fill must be accurately regulated and controlled so the liquid remains the same measurement throughout the production run.
  • The sachets must be packed in nested cartons for ease of unpacking.
  • The sachets must be packed so they do not curl or stick together. If this occurs, they will not be able to be picked up automatically by the binding equipment.
  • If more than one deck of sachets is to be packed into a carton, then each deck must have a strong cardboard base so they will sit stable.
  • All sachets must be the same way up and must be the same way around.
  • Sachet cartons must be strong and tailor made for tight fit.

Approval of Trial Samples

Initial 200 samples are required for approval of the suitability of the sachet to be mechanically fed on the binding machine and into magazine. These samples are for feeding purposes only and are not for pressure testing.

A written declaration must be supplied with the initial 200 samples, stating that the production run of the Sachet complies with the Hannanprint specifications and will match the samples provided in every detail.

Once initially approved and full production run produced, we will require an additional quantity for pre-binding approval, minimum 200 sachets.

Due to the mechanics of tipping on inserts, there may be occasions where a very small quantity of magazines is bound without the Sachet. As such it would be advisable not to run wording offering a sachet within the magazine.

"Hannanprint accepts no responsibility for the suitablity of the sachets, all responsibility for the sachets being suitable for their purpose is that of the customer"

Client Agreement

During binding, should Hannanprint believe there is a potential problem with the sachets which could stop the magazine going on-sale to schedule or which could cause damage to the magazine –either physically or by affecting potential sales, Hannanprint reserves the right to suspend inserting with out any compensation to, or ramification from the client.

Hannanprint Conditions

All inserts are subject to the approval of Hannanprint who reserves the right to refuse any material considered unsuitable for publication.
Whilst every effort will be made to process inserts as ordered, no liability can be accepted for misplacement or omission.
Hannanprint NSW will not guarantee the level or response associated with an insert.
Advertising agents and advertisers accept responsibility for the contents of their inserts and agree to indemnify Hannanprint NSW against any claims or proceedings arising from publication of such inserts